How To Configure your Browser for Vietnamese fonts
in THE GIOI TAM LINH website

THE GIOI TAM LINH website supports Internet Explorer 5.0 & higher with unicode fonts ONLY. Therefore, if your browser listed above and you still cannot see the Vietnamese text, you need to download two window unicode fonts Arial and Times New RomanPlease download the fonts and install into your computer so you can see the web correctly.

Qui' ba.n ca^`n co' I.E. browser 5.0 hoa(.c cao ho+n dde^? ddo.c THE GIOI TAM LINH website.

Ne^'u trong ma'y ba.n dda~ co' nhu+~ng ddie^`u kie^.n o+? tre^n nhu+ng va^~n co`n chu+a ddo.c ddu+o+.c thi` xin qui' ba.n ha~y download va` install (2) ca'i fonts mo+'i na^`y Arial va` Times New Roman va`o ma'y ro^`i sau ddo' qui' ba.n se~ ddo.c ddu+o+.c chu+~ Viet Nam.

Tha^n cha`o va` xin lie^n la.c vo+'i Tamlinh ne^'u qui' ba.n co`n ga(.p tro+? nga.i ve^` va^'n dde^` na^`y.

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